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If you really stop and think about it, thermoformed trays are everywhere, used by virtually every industry. At Indepak, we design custom thermoform trays for clients in the food industry, retail industry, medical industry, electronics industry and even the agricultural industry. Here are just a few examples of what we can create.

Thermoformed Tray Applications

When you think about food packaging, thermoform trays are needed for many products. For instance, if you open a package of cookies or perhaps crackers, you can see that a carefully designed custom thermoform tray can organize and protect these food items. Chocolates, nuts, muffins, fruits and veggies all can fit perfectly in a tray and we can also design a lid for these items as well.

We can mass produce thermoformed trays for general use or design custom trays that fit a product exactly, depending on your needs. We can design custom trays for re-heatable frozen foods or perhaps a sturdy, reusable tray for ice cubes or other types of molds. We also can create reusable containers with lids and these containers can include sections or just one single open space. Another service we can provide includes designing food trays for restaurants, school cafeterias or workplace cafeterias.

We also can produce thermoform trays as a product rather than a package. Thermoform trays can be designed to hold office supplies as well as used as organizational aids for kitchen and bathroom drawers. These typically are made from lightweight, high-impact thermoplastics.

Industries that Use Thermoformed Trays

For industrial or electronics packaging, we can design thermoform trays that can house all of the components of your product. Industrial and electronics firms often have static-sensitive products so we use both dissipative and conductive materials to provide the best possible solution for your custom thermoform trays. We can design packaging using thermoform foam, which can protect products and parts during shipping.

Every client has different needs and when it comes to medical and pharmaceutical companies, sterilization and security are often top priorities. We have designs blister packaging for prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as meticulously designed thermoform trays to hold various types of medical kits and medical supplies.

Aside from the low-cost, light weight and versatility of thermoplastics, sustainability is another reason to consider using these materials for thermoform trays. Virtually every type of thermoplastic is recyclable and we have many highly sustainable options for you to consider. We can provide your with thermoplastics that are BPA-free, as well, which might be a priority for those in the food industry that need thermoform trays or custom thermoform packaging.

At Indepak, we focus on creating high-quality custom thermoform trays, packaging and products. Sustainability and top customer service are also something we are committed to providing each of our clients. If you need thermoform trays, give us a call and we can talk to you about design and the budget for your product.

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