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When we design customized packaging for our clients, we focus on many factors. For instance, we concentrate on creating a packaging design that protects your product and fits within your budget. But we also understand that the design must appeal to the consumer. There are many different types of customized packaging to consider, including the following.

1. Clamshells

Clamshells can be an excellent option for many products, and we create thousands of clamshells throughout the year. A clamshell features two halves connected by a hinge, and we can create virtually any size clamshell you might need.

For instance, small clamshells might be suitable for holding items such as nails, thumbtacks and other tiny items. Larger clamshells can be used to hold specialty foods, such as produce and baked goods, but also retail goods such as glue sticks, headphones, razors, computer cables and almost anything else you can imagine. We also can seal these clamshell packages for you using processes such as heat sealing and RF welding.

2. Blisters & Trap Blisters

Blisters are a very common option for retail customized packaging. A blister is similar to a clamshell, but it doesn’t feature a hinge. Instead we seal the two halves of the package together to form a tight bond that protects your product from moisture and tampering. This can be an excellent option for many retail products from toys to electronics to tools and much more. If you product includes multiple parts, we can design blister packs with cavities that fit each part perfectly, offering optimal protection.

Trap blisters are a type of blister pack that includes a paperboard backing and this can be an excellent option for your customized packaging. Using combination designs that include thermoplastic and paper or pulp are a very eco-friendly option, allowing you to reduce the amount of plastic you use while still protecting and displaying your product for consumers.

3. Thermoform Trays

Thermoform trays are an ideal option for many of our clients. For instance, we use these trays to hold items such as cookies, candy, crackers or frozen dinners for our many specialty food clients. For our medical clients, these trays can be used to hold various types of medical kits, with a specially designed cavity for each instrument or bottle of medicine. For retail clients, a tray can be created to hold all of the parts of your product, such as a dozen batteries or perhaps perfume bottles. Once the trays have been produced, these can be placed into other types of customized packaging, such as a sealed bag or perhaps a cardboard container or even a plastic blister or clamshell.

In addition to medical and food trays, our design and production teams are capable of creating a myriad of thermoform trays, including pick & place trays, shipping trays, part protection trays, dunnage trays, automation trays and more.

4. Tubs & Lids

Sometimes rather than opting for a clamshell, you might prefer to have us create tubs with removable lids. These can be used to hold many types of products, such as food items, but these tubs and lids might actually be the product you need rather than the container. For instance, perhaps you sell storage tubs with removable lids that are meant to hold a wide range of products. Not everything that we design is a package; we also create whole products and parts, so keep us in mind for your product needs as well as your custom packaging needs.

If you do need customized packaging for any type of retail or specialty food business, these are two of the areas in which we specialize. We also specialize in the design and production of custom packaging for electronics companies, industrial firms, pharmaceutical and medical companies and agricultural companies.

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