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Because you have a fantastic, top-notch product, don’t you feel your specialty item deserves the highest quality packaging? You need appealing and functional product packaging and that’s where we come in. At Indepak, we’ve been using plastic thermoforming to craft packaging for companies from just about every industry imaginable.

Plastic thermoforming is a process by which a sheet of plastic is fed into an industrial thermoforming machine. While in this machine, the plastic will be heated to pliable temperature and then formed into a custom shape. From there the new packaging is cooled and excess thermoplastic is trimmed away and reused for other thermoforming products. If you’ve not considered plastic thermoforming for your packaging needs, here are a few reasons to think about doing so.

Reason #1: Plastic Thermoforming Offer Unmatched Versatility

The allure of plastic thermoforming in the product packaging arena lies in its ability to churn out plastics of just about any size, shape, style, and price range. Impressive, right? If your niche calls for constant change in the size or shape of your packaging, this technique is your best shot.

Additionally, plastic thermoforming also allows us to create packaging that fits snugly around your product. Not only does this help protect your product, it also keeps costs down because less packaging will need to be created in order to securely cover your product.

Reason #2: Plastic Thermoforming is Cost-Effective

Plastic thermoforming is a budget-friendly option for several reasons. As mentioned previously, because we can create virtually any shape and eliminate waste, this reduces your materials costs as well as your shipping costs. After all, smaller packages cost less to ship than larger ones. Thermoplastic also is quite lightweight, which further reduces your shipping costs.

Because thermoplastic is so protective and we can create tightly sealed clamshell and blister packs, this also reduces the probability of damage or theft. This, too, has a positive effect on your overall bottom line.

Finally, thermoplastic, in general, is a highly affordable material. We use a wide variety of thermoplastics and many are quite inexpensive. We easily can find a type of thermoplastic that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Reason #3: Plastic Thermoforming Is A Solution For Many Industries

Thermoformed plastics find a home in a variety of industries – from the food services sector to pharmaceuticals and everything in between. If you manufacture cross-platform products, then plastic thermoforming is truly a slice of heaven for you.

Because there are so many types of thermoplastics, there are options for virtually every industry imaginable. There are thermoplastics safe for food and beverage packaging as well as thermoplastics we use for our pharmaceutical and medical industry clients. We create low-particulate packaging that is intended for non-sterile as well as downstream sterilization applications. For those in a high tech field, we can develop all types of packaging or business-to-business tote trays. For the electronics sector, we can produce packaging and trays that ensure that static-sensitive products are well protected.

Reason #4: Thermoformed Plastics Can be Eco-Friendly

If you want to up your ante regarding your company’s carbon footprints, thermoformed plastic packaging could be your answer. Virtually all thermoplastics are recyclable, and many are accepted by curbside recycling programs, which makes recycling as easy as possible. For some packaging, starch-based bio materials might be a good option. We also can create combination packaging that combines recyclable thermoplastics with paperboard or pulp.

These are just a few reasons why thermoplastic might be the ideal option for your packaging or product needs. We can handle every aspect of your project from design to production to shipping and fulfillment, providing you with a total solution that meets your needs and budget. Give us a call today to discuss your plastic thermoforming needs.

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