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When it comes to custom packaging design, thermoforming might be your best bet. Thermoforming is the process by which thin sheets of plastic are heated until malleable and then are transformed into packages or products. Just about any shape, size and style of custom packaging can be created using this process. If you need custom packaging, here are a few reasons to consider contacting our thermoforming company.

1. Let Our Experience Work For You

Indepak is a leader within the thermoforming industry, and throughout the last 45 years, we’ve worked with companies from virtually every industry sector imaginable. We’ve created products, parts and custom packaging for electronics firms, industrial firms, pharmaceutical and medical businesses, specialty food and beverage companies, agricultural firms and a myriad of retail companies. Whether you sell power tools or microwavable dinners, we can come up with the perfect custom packaging design for your product.

2. We Meet & Exceed Industry Standards

The International Organization for Standardization or ISO is a worldwide organization that has created commercial and industrial standards. We possess ISO 9001 certification, which sets standards for quality management for many different industries. This ensures our clients that we do all we can to ensure quality control at every level of our operation.

3. Thermoplastics Are Affordable & We Keep You On Budget

One of the best reasons to consider thermoplastics for your custom packaging design is the affordability factor. Thermoplastics tend to be some of the most affordable materials one can select for product packaging, but that’s not their only advantage. The light weight of thermoplastics helps to reduce your shipping costs. Thermoplastics also are quite strong, which helps reduce the damage and tampering that can affect your bottom line.

No matter what type of budget you may have, we can find a solution for your custom packaging. We use a wide range of thermoplastics, including PET, PETG, HIPS, PVC, HDPE, OPS, PP, ABS and even starch-based bio materials.

4. We Focus On Sustainability

Indepak is located in Portland, Oregon, a city known for its commitment to the environment. Sustainability is something we’ve kept in mind for decades, long before it was popular or required by law. Not only do we possess ISO 9001 certification, we also meet and exceed ISO 14001 certifications and standards. ISO 14001 standards focus on environmental management, and as a low-waste operation, we keep sustainability in mind in every aspect of our business.

For instance, any excess plastic trimmed from your custom packaging will be reused or recycled. Our design team also works diligently to create custom packaging designs that reduce the amount of packaging needed to protect your precious products. Almost all of the materials we use are recyclable, and we offer options such as post-consumer grade materials, starch-based bio-plastics and trap blisters as well as other plastic & paper or plastic & pulp combination designs.

Since 1967, we’ve been helping customers with custom packaging solutions, and we can create a custom packaging design that meets your needs and budget. Contact the team at Indepak today and let’s get started on your unique project.

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