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We know that you have many options for packaging, but plastic clamshell packaging can be an excellent choice for many retail and specialty food products. At Indepak, we’ve been creating custom clamshells for more than 50 years and would like to share some of the benefits inherent with our plastic clamshells.

1. Design Versatility

Through the magic of thermoforming, we can create virtually size and shape of clamshell package you might need. Whether you need something simple, like a clamshell takeaway container or something complex that includes a custom interior tray or you need multiple cavities for different product parts, we can provide you with whatever you need.

We also can design tri-fold clamshells that stand on their own and include a punch hole or hanger tag allowing them to also hang on a hook. Stand-alone clamshells can be an excellent option for anyone selling their product in a big warehouse store, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, as well as any large retailer, including Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

2. "Shelf" Awareness

Ok, this is a little play on words, but we all know that consumers have plenty of product choices and your packaging has to make your product stand out on the shelf against its competitors. Plastic clamshell packaging is clear so your customer can truly see what they’re buying, and we can showcase your product to its best advantage.

If a consumer can see the product, they are far more likely to purchase it than something they cannot see. Add a well-designed package insert and you really can grab the consumer’s attention. Your insert needs to quickly convey the most important information about your product so that a consumer can understand in mere seconds how your product benefits their needs.

3. Product Protection

Plastic is one of the most durable and protective materials you can use for packaging. Plastic can protect your product against moisture, mold and many different solvents. Additionally, many types of plastic are highly impact resistant, so if your product is jostled around during transport or knocked off a store shelf, the product inside can remain safe and secure.

4. Security: Tamper-Proof Designs

When it comes to the retail world, it’s typically your higher value items that are placed in plastic clamshell packaging. While a less expensive item might be placed in a simple blister pack, if you need to protect a more expensive item, a sealed clamshell is your best bet. We all know just how difficult it can be to open a blister pack . . .

Actually, if you are having trouble opening up a blister pack, break out your handy can opener and use it to cut through the plastic.

5. Value: Cost-Containment

Plastic clamshell packaging can reduce your packaging costs in many ways. First, plastic materials are highly affordable. Second, plastic materials are very lightweight which reduces shipping costs. Third, because plastic is so protective, we can design smaller packages which allows you to ship more units in a single shipment, which again reduces shipping costs.

6. Sustainability

\While you might not equate plastics with sustainability, virtually all of the materials we use here at Indepak are recyclable. Materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are accepted by virtually all curbside recycling programs in the United States.

We also can crate plastic clamshell packaging using materials with post-consumer or pre-consumer recycled content. Additionally, we can use starch-based bioplastics for some of our clamshell packaging, so that is yet another sustainable option to consider.

Also, it’s worth noting that the light weight of plastic packaging actually reduces the amount of fuel needed to transport your products, which cuts costs and reduces your carbon footprint. At Indepak, we are committed to continuously striving to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

If you need any type of plastic clamshell packaging, contact Indepak at any time. We’ve been creating custom clamshells, blister packaging and thermoform trays for more than 50 years and look forward to helping you with your unique thermoforming project.

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