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Ah, the plastic clamshell. Where would we be without this packaging design? Think for just a moment about all of the items you purchase that are stored in clamshell packaging. This includes the takeaway box that holds your lunch, as well as thousands of other food products.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We create custom plastic clamshell packaging each and every day for our clients and not just those who work in a food-related industry. Consider all of the items you purchase, from headphones to nails to razors. These often are stored in a clear plastic clamshell. Virtually any product can be stored in clamshell packaging, including electronics, office supplies, hardware, printer ink, toys, cell phone accessories and anything you can imagine.

If you are searching for a custom packaging solution, a plastic clamshell might be your best bet. Plastic clamshell packaging is clear, so consumers can see exactly what they are purchasing. In addition, we can use strong, sturdy plastics to create your clamshell packaging so that it protects your product from damage. In addition, heat sealing can also make the clamshell packaging highly tamper-proof, which is always a bonus.

Indepak's Unique Approach

Our process begins by carefully studying your product and creating an initial package design and prototype. Our goal is to create a strong, aesthetically pleasing clamshell packaging design that minimizes your costs. Costs can be reduced based upon the type of plastic we use as well as creating a package design that limits waste.

We can create simple clamshells or design clamshell packaging that holds several different products or product components. Our team of experienced engineers can create virtually any size, shape or configuration of clamshell packaging that you might need. One of the best aspects of thermoplastics is the versatility in design; you truly can create just about any design imaginable with thermoplastics.

Once we have created the perfect prototype for your clamshell packaging, we can move into the production phase. Our high-quality, high-speed equipment can process a huge variety of materials. This includes HIPS, PETG, PET, ABS, PVS, HDPE, PP, OPS and even starch-based bio materials. Our production process is fast and efficient, and producing a quality product at the lowest cost to you is always our top goal.

Our Comprehensive Services

Beyond design and production, we are happy to assist with several other services. For instance, we can provide you with package fulfillment services and even seal packaging together using heat sealing or RF welding. From there, we also can help you with important tasks such as inventory management and shipping. Our massive, 50,000-square-foot warehouse can be used to house some of your inventory or all of it, and then we can manage the inventory levels using a variety of methods, depending on your needs.

If you think that plastic clamshell packaging will be a good fit for your unique product, call the team at Indepak today. We can discuss your packaging needs and budget and then create a total solution just for you.

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