Custom Clamshell Containers From Indepak

Clamshell containers are versatile packaging options for a wide range of products. At Indepak, we’ve been creating custom clamshells for more than 50 years. Throughout the years, we designed and produced clamshells for a wide range of products, including:

Specialty Foods

Whether you need a clamshell to hold bakery goods, fruit, deli items or another food, we can design clamshell containers that fit your needs. In addition to a basic clamshell, our clamshells can be designed with multiple sections to keep foods separate. We also design custom trays with lids, which might be an ideal option for party trays such as platters of veggies or deli meats.

Additionally, we also can design and produce custom clamshell takeout containers. We can use foam materials or rigid materials, depending on your specifications. We also can use starch-based bioplastics to create your takeaway clamshell containers, which might appeal to your eco-minded customers or help you comply with local regulations regarding the sustainability of takeaway containers.

Personal Care Products

While you might associate clamshells with food products, clamshells are just a type of packaging that features a hinge on one end. We can design these in virtually any shape you might need to fit around your lotion bottles, sunscreen tubes, makeup products or whatever else you produce.

We also are blister packaging experts, and if you prefer something like a face seal blister or trap blister, we can design a package with whatever level of protection you might need.

Medical Products

Clamshell containers can be an excellent option for many medical or health-related products. While blister packs can be highly protective, there are few packages that provide the level of tamper protection that you get with a sealed plastic clamshell.

If you have pricier items such as high-quality thermometers, blood pressure gauges or perhaps blood-glucose testers, we can design custom clamshell containers that keep these items safe from tampering and theft. We also can design clamshells to house over-the-counter medication bottles. In addition to clamshells, if you need base webs for blister packs this may be another option we can provide for you.

Additionally, we also can produce thermoform trays to hold medical equipment and items such as vials and syringes. Our low-particulate medical packaging can be used for non-sterile and downstream sterilization applications. We provide you with detailed record keeping that ensures traceability down to the box level.

Retail Products

We’ve designed custom packaging for just about any retail product you can imagine. Need packaging for toys with multiple parts? We’ve done that. Need a clamshell to hold nails or other small items? We’ve done that, too.

We can design clamshells for office supplies, tools, electronics, padlocks, lightbulbs and the list goes on and on. If you don’t need the level of protection a sealed clamshell provides, we also can provide you with quality blister packaging.

For instance, basic trap blisters can be an economical option for inexpensive products such as a small disposable lighter or lip balm, while a full-face seal blister might be a good option for items such as batteries or baby bottles.

A Look At Our Process

Each project begins with a meeting between the client and our design team. They will study your product carefully to determine the best design and the best materials to use. During this development phase, the design team will pay attention to many factors, including weight, space, strength, cost containment, presentation and so forth.

Our facility includes an in-house tooling shop, so we can keep every step of your project in-house, ensuring quality and reducing your costs. After a prototype has been designed and approved, we’ll move on to production.

At Indepak, we have multiple lines of high-speed thermoforming equipment, allowing us to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Our equipment is capable of processing rigid materials from .008” to .080” inches in thickness and foam materials from about 1/16” to ¼”.

After your clamshell containers have been produced, you might also want to take advantage of some of our other services. To provide a total solution for each of our clients, we also offer package fulfilment services, inventory management and shipping. Our on-time shipment exceeds 99.5%. so you can trust that your packaging will be available precisely when you need it.


Our thermoforming equipment can process many different types of thermoform plastic materials, and virtually all of the materials we use are recyclable. We can create clamshell containers using PET, PETG, HDPE and much more, including starch-based bio materials.

Our design team works diligently to create quality clamshells with as little waste as possible, but we also can consider trap blisters for some products. This combination of paperboard and plastic can reduce the overall amount of plastic that we need to use, and we are experts in the creation of trap blisters as well as clamshells.

To learn more about our custom clamshell containers, give us a call at (800) 338-1857 or click on the Contact tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form. We look forward to discussing your packaging needs.