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If you have a product that you are hoping to sell in retail stores, there are many decisions you will have to make before your items appear on shelves. While you might already have considered how to produce the item, other aspects such as marketing and packaging can be almost as important.

A great looking package is worth its weight in gold. Your packaging not only needs to be attractive in general, it needs to appeal to the person most likely to buy the item. If your product is a toy, the package needs to appeal to the age group most likely to enjoy that toy. If you are aiming at 20-something shoppers, you want something young and hip. It is important that you study up on the types of packaging designs that appeal to your specific set of consumers.

Once you have a design in mind, you will need to find a company that can produce your custom product packaging. Custom plastic packaging, such as thermoformed plastic packages are a great option. These can be formed into just about any shape to protect and display your product. Blister packs can be created, and these are thermoform plastic packages that completely surround the product. Vacuum thermoforming is the process by which many plastic retail packing styles are made. Often a thermoforming company, such as Indepak, can create a package design for your product and then produce the package and even help with shipment and fulfillment.

Marketing your product is going be another element that is highly important, especially for a new product. Aside from commercials on television or perhaps radio as well, you will want to use social media to spread the word about your product. This includes placing your product on sites such as Pinterest and Facebook, as well as setting up Twitter and Instagram campaigns. In order to successfully utilize social media; you must set up a well-designed website with e-commerce capabilities. This should provide all of the information people need about your products as well as a way to purchase your items.

Sometimes in the beginning, it also helps to introduce your product at various trade shows. Just about every industry has relevant trade shows and if you can set up a booth and demonstrate your product then this can be a way to attract buyers. Keep in mind that trade shows cater to businesses that will buy your product and not the general consumer. This can be a good way to introduce the product to large chain stores and smaller shops that might be able to sell your unique item.

You also could consider starting out small and local. Introduce yourself to local shopkeepers and see if you can set up a demonstration of your product. Rent a booth at local farmers’ markets and craft fairs, as well, and get people interested. There are also local and regional festivals where it might be appropriate to showcase your new and interesting product. Take advantage of all of these opportunities as they come along for maximum exposure of your product.

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