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The Different Thermoplastic Options for Custom Thermoform Packaging

There are many different types of thermoplastics and the team at Indepak can help you decide which type is best for your custom packaging or thermoplastic product. In order to select the best thermoplastic, we have to consider many factors include the size, shape and material components of your product as well as your budget.

Polyethylene, which comes in several different forms, is one type of thermoplastic that might be worth considering for your custom thermoforming design. HDPE or high-density polyethylene is easy to recycle and can be used to create package that holds many types of liquid, including milk, gasoline and detergent. This is just one type of polyethylene to consider, and we can help you decide if this is a good material for your needs.

When you hear the word “styrene,” you might think simply of polystyrene or Styrofoam. However there are other thermoplastics with styrene in their name. Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene or ABS, for instance, is a very tough and heat-resistant type of thermoplastic. Because of its strength, it is often used as a less expensive, lightweight substitute for metal components in various manufacturing systems. Other products made from ABS include Lego bricks and the keycaps on your computer keyboard.

Polystyrene might be a bit more commonly known, and we can create a wide variety of products out of this material. There are many different types of polystyrene to consider. Custom thermoforming allows us to create cups, containers, utensils and countless other products and packages.

We also offer a variety of sustainable options for our customers. These include using post-consumer grade materials in your custom thermoforming design. We also can design packages that combine thermoplastics and other materials such as paperboard or foil. Of course, most thermoplastics are recyclable, and some types of thermoplastics are easy to recycle than others. We can help you select the most sustainable option for your custom thermoforming project.

When it comes to sustainability, you might consider a type of biodegradable thermoplastic for your thermoforming packaging or product. Polyactic acid for instance is created using corn starch. Keep in mind while polyactic acid does biodegrade, this type of plastic must be taken to a composting facility not a typical recycling plant.

These types of thermoplastic are just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to custom thermoforming, you have many excellent options. We can help select the ideal type of thermoplastic for your product or custom package. Call today and let us know how we can help provide you with a total solution for your custom thermoforming needs.

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