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There are many different types of plastic, and while you might not know the names of most kinds of plastic, you definitely have heard of Styrofoam which is a brand name for polystyrene foam. While it technically was discovered in 1839 by a German apothecary in Berlin, it was not in widespread use until the 1940s when Dow Chemical created the process by which Styrofoam is made.

Polystyrene foam is an ideal material for many products because it very lightweight, in fact it is mostly air. It is used for cups, plates and food containers, as well as being used for thermal insulation. It is also used for craft products, such as the foam disks that florists will place in a bouquet to keep flowers arranged properly. Polystyrene also is used to make packing materials and is ideal because it can protect items in a box or crate without adding much additional weight.

While we all know that polystyrene can be found in a softer foam state such as it is in a take-out container from a restaurant, it also can be rigid and this type of polystyrene is used to make items such as disposable razors, CD jewel cases, plastic models, frames and much more. It can be an excellent option as it fairly durable and inexpensive.

Polystyrene technically can be recycled; although there are still many curbside recycling programs in the United States that still only accept polyethylene terephthalate and high-density polyethylene. In some areas of the country, polystyrene is banned for use as a food container. If you live in an area where polystyrene is not allowed, Indepak can provide you with other custom packaging solutions for your thermoform packaging that is also quite lightweight and a good choice for food storage or for any type of retail product or container.

At Indepak, we offer many different options of custom thermoforming, and can create a package or product that suits your needs and budget. Whether you need thermoform packaging, thermoform trays, thermoformed foam products or other custom product packaging, we can help every step of the way.

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