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How to Use Design and Marketing With Thermoform Packaging

For many industries, how your product looks can be almost as important as the quality of your product. People are attracted to clever, appealing package designs, so one should never overlook the importance of quality custom product packaging.

One of the advantages of custom thermoforming is that you can create virtually any design or shape of package. Thermoforming is a process by which thin sheets of packaging are heated until malleable and then shaped using thermoform molds. Once cooled, excess plastic is trimmed away and you have a finished product.

These thermoform molds can be completely customized to any shape or size that you might need. At Indepak, we are a thermoforming company that helps our clients through every stage of product development beginning with the all-important design stage.

We begin by assessing your product and deciding the best materials to use for protection and convenience. There are many different types of thermoform plastics to consider, and they have many advantages over other materials. In addition to the fact that they can be molded into any imaginable shape, plastics are quite protective and durable, resisting damage from water or liquids as well as resisting rust.

Many types of plastics can hold solvents, such as cleaning chemicals or acidic liquids. Other types of plastics are quite heat-resistant and can be placed in a microwave or cleaned in a standard dishwasher for reuse. We can help you find a plastic that will protect your product and then work on a design that will entice your potential customers.

When designing a package, you will want the shape and appearance to be quite eye-catching. If your packaging labels and design are bland and boring, people simply pass over your product and select one that is more attention-grabbing. One component of package design would be to do some research about your ideal customer and learn about the types of designs that would appeal to this demographic.

For instance, for a product that is aimed at children, you will want something colorful and fun. For an upscale product, you will want a product and label design that is classy and chic. With plastics, we can create all sorts of interesting designs or perhaps keep the thermoforming design quite simple and let the labels entice the customer.

At Indepak, our goal is to help you get the most out of your packaging. Our custom packaging solutions are client-specific and we serve a wide variety of industries,from retail to food production to agricultural and pharmaceutical companies. Give us a call today and we can get started on the design process for your custom product packaging.

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