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As a thermoforming company, we use a wide variety of equipment to create custom plastic packaging, thermoform trays and much more. We use multiple lines of high-speed equipment and this variety of equipment allows us to offer the best possible packaging solution for each and every client.

Kiefel Technologies produces an array of thermoforming equipment, and we have several pieces of equipment from the KMD line. For instance, the KMD Speedformer is a top choice for a thermoform company to use. These pieces of equipment are capable of quickly mass producing packaging and packaging components using a wide variety of materials. These materials include PVC, PS, EPS, PE and several other types of thermoplastic.

There are actually several different models of the KMD Speedformer, and each machine can do an amazing amount of work for a thermoforming company. Large, thin sheets of thermoplastics are loaded into the machine, which then heats, forms, cools and trims the packaging in just a few minutes. Each one of these KMD machines will have several “stations” built within it. The beginning station is the Film Reading station, which is where the process begins and the thermoplastic enters the machine.

From there, the thermoplastic moves on to the Heating Station, where the materials are heated to just the right temperature before they move on to the Forming Station. After that, it is time for the newly created products or packages to head to the cutting station, where the excess thermoplastic is trimmed. After that, your packaging quickly moves on to the Stacking Station, while the thermoplastic that was trimmed away (known as the skeleton) winds out of the machine.

Our thermoforming company uses these KMD machines to create highly specialized thermoformed trays as well as clamshells and other types of packaging for specialty food companies, retail firms, medical companies and many other industries.

Aside from its fast production process and dependability, one of the features we love best about the KMD line is that these machines are quite energy efficient, and reducing our energy use is always a big priority here at Indepak. As we are a thermoforming company located in Portland, a city known for its commitment to environmentalism, it is quite important that we reduce energy use and waste in every way we possibly can.

In addition to the KMD Speedformer, which is ideal for creating many types of packaging, Kiefel also produces other types of thermoforming equipment for a thermoforming company. For instance, the Thermorunner, is designed specifically to create all different sizes and types of cups and containers. This includes plastic drinking cups, yogurt pots, fruit cups, pots for agricultural use and other similar items.

Kiefel was founded in 1945 by Paul Kiefel, and the company began producing its first thermoforming machines in 1962. The KMD series has been around since the late 1990s and production of the KMD Speedformer began in 2002. The cup-forming machines were released a year later.

If you would like to take a look at the Kiefer KMD Speedformers in action, Kiefer has posted a variety of videos up on You Tube. These informative videos are a lot of fun to watch, and you are sure to be impressed by these massive thermoforming machines. If you need the services of a thermoforming company, give the team at Indepak a call. We have been creating custom thermoformed packaging and products for our customers for more than 40 years and can come up with an ideal packaging solution for your unique company.

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