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Thermoplastic packaging is our passion at Indepak, and every year we design thousands of custom plastic blister packages and plastic clamshell packages. These versatile package options can be created in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of just about any product. Here are some facts about these packages and some information about which types of best for certain products.

First it might help to understand the differences between a plastic blister and a plastic clamshell. A plastic blister features a thermoform plastic cavity or cavities with a backing of paperboard, foil or perhaps plastic. A plastic clamshell is a container that resembles a clamshell. It is a single piece with a hinge and it can be closed with a tab or snap or even sealed closed. Technically, a plastic clamshell is simply a blister pack that folds onto itself.

These two types of packages are some of the most popular packaging styles and are used by virtually every industry. Our clients include those in food services and food production, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, electronics and retail companies.

A plastic clamshell is often a top choice for specialty food stores, bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants. Take-away containers and leftover containers typically are placed in a plastic clamshell. At the grocery store, you often see items such as berries, pastries, veggies and other fresh food items stored in a plastic clamshell. These plastic clamshells typically feature a simple tab or perhaps an adhesive label to keep them closed.

The plastic clamshell, however, can feature a more secure closing. Adhesive and strong tapes or labels can keep items secure. For instance, perhaps you need a plastic clamshell to secure a package of thumbtacks. A strong label can seal the tacks and provide helpful information about the product.

Sometimes you need a plastic clamshell with a very strong, tamper resistant seal. We can use strong adhesives or heat sealing to ensure that your product is protected. You see these types of sealed plastic clamshells all the time at a wide variety of retail stores including office supply stores, hardware stores, electronics stores and much more.

The plastic clamshell can be used to hold scissors, staplers, headphones, toys, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, flashlights, lightbulbs and about a million other items. Using a strong thermoplastic material, the plastic clamshell can keep your product secure and greatly reduce the possibility of damage.

The plastic blister is equally versatile, but slightly different in style. A blister pack often features a paperboard backing with a cavity of thermoplastic in the front. Just as with the plastic clamshell, this paperboard and plastic blister can be used to store a huge variety of items. Again, this can be used to hold pens, batteries, flash drives, toys, tools, toiletries and so much more.

A plastic blister also is often the packaging of choice for pharmaceutical companies. We’ve all taken medicines that are stored in a plastic blister. Often this blister has a strong foil seal on the back which prevents tampering. The plastic blister will be designed to keep the medicines secure but also to ensure that moisture or humidity doesn’t get into the package and compromise the quality of the medications inside.

We can design a plastic blister or a plastic clamshell specifically for your special product. We use a wide variety of thermoplastics and other materials, most of which are even recyclable. Contact ustoday and let’s discuss your packaging needs.

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